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This watch makes for a great first smart watch for kids. And knowing how kids can be I also bought screen protectors right away for them as well. The watch interface was easy for my kiddos to figure out themselves how to use and how to understand it.


You don’t have to worry about all the crazy internet connectedness with this watch. It’s very simple but looks cute and has just enough functionality to make her happy.


My daughter love this watch. She wanted to keep track of time and her steps. It keeps her active and learning responsibilities. Great buy and would totally recommend.


I bought this for my 9 year old grandson and he loves it. He couldn’t wait to show me all of the functions. It is designed for a younger person but still has many functions, as described on the website. It was packaged appropriately and arrived on schedule and in perfect condition. Good purchase!


My daughter wanted this watch as a birthday gift. She turned 11 and she absolutely loves it. She still doesn’t have a phone and she could use the app on her ipad. Now my 9 yeard old boy wants one.


My son got this for his 8th birthday and so far it’s been great. I was afraid the battery life would be very short, but I’ve been impressed with how long it has lasted before needing recharging. He loves the features, and once I blocked the games during the school day, it’s been great.


Our kids were originally looking to just get a pedometer to track their steps. We love that they can also have alarms and reminders. They love that they've got access to the weather and can play games. Our favorite feature so far has been being able to see their temperatures. Overall we are very satisfied with the purchase so far.


The directions are simple and easy to set-up for the adults, and the watch is simple enough for an 8 year old to quickly understand and navigate in no time
Since this is a new purchase for my grandson, I'll have to update in the summer to on how everything is holding up when used by a very active boy on a daily basis.


Powerhouse of a little fitness watch. My daughter loves it! It has everything I wanted and even some cute graphics and simple games for her. I also appreciate that there is no recurring fees to use their app. It was easy to pair to the device and works like a charm. It was even delivered faster than expected!

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