Keep your skin happy, and your Cubitt Health and Fitness Smartwatch cl

Keep your skin happy and your watch clean!

We want you to enjoy your Cubitt Smartwatch, so we encourage you to review the suggestions below. Contact us here if you have any use and/or care questions not addressed below.

Cubitt Smartwatches are designed for work or play. Enjoy your watch!

● Regularly clean your wrist and the Cubitt smartwatch, especially after sweating during exercise or being exposed to substances such as soap or detergent which may adhere to the internal side of the watch.

● Do NOT wash the smartwatch with a household cleaner. Please use soapless detergent, rinse thoroughly, and wipe with a soft towel or napkin.

● While both Cubitt Smartwatch models are water resistant, wearing a wet band is not good for your skin.

● If your sport band gets wet—for example after sweating or showering—clean and dry it thoroughly before putting it back on your wrist.

● Be sure your skin is dry before you put your band back on.

● Do not bring your device into contact with any sharp objects, as this could cause scratches and other damage.

● For light-colored armbands, minimize direct contact with dark-colored clothing, as color transfer can occur.

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