Create a healthy relationship with food

Create a healthy relationship with food

I LOVE food, but it’s not always the easiest relationship to manage. As an Integrative Health Coach one of my first messages to my clients is to make healthy just a part of who they are, not something they want to become. To start creating a healthy relationship with food we need to learn how to listen to our body.

Some of my recommendations are:

Focus on Moderation means having Balance. Balance Isn't About Perfection Focus on enjoying everything in moderation rather than forbidding certain foods. One of the biggest steps to developing happy relationships with food is simply ensuring that you’re enjoying your favorite foods in moderation. To put this another way, if you love pasta (and there’s no medical reason you can’t eat it) enjoy it in moderation on a weekly basis rather than telling yourself you won’t eat it and then binging on it during a burst of emotional eating.

Eat Mindfully: Avoid eating alone, in the car, in front of the television, or while doing something else like reading or typing. To do away with this, focus instead on eating mindfully.This means sitting down to eat, eating slowly, focusing on tasting every bite, and not doing other activities like driving, watching tv, reading or listening to your phone while you eat. Doing this can help you recognize the physical clues that tell you when you’re full and can help you lose weight naturally.

Make Your House a “Safe Zone”

Keeping your house free of problematic foods can help you avoid emotional eating patterns and instead develop healthier food relationships. If you know you have a junk food zone in your house, with excessively processed, sugary, or fatty foods you can replace them with healthy alternatives like nuts, dried fruits, nut butters, fruit, whole grains. This simple step can help ensure that you’re not a falling victim to emotional eating and that you can reach for healthier alternatives the moment you do need a snack.

Renee Rosler Sabo- INHC

Certified Holistic Health Nutrition Coach (INHC) with expertise in the areas of fundamental and advanced coaching skills, coaching psychology, and facilitation of personal growth and development; and a specialization in Gut Health. My approach is to teach healthy eating and wellness, helping people find their own lifestyle that nourish their body.



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